About Us

Hi, I'm Jack!

Thanks for stopping by. I started Chroma Coffee because I have a deep passion for coffee and I began experimenting with how to create the perfect morning cup of joe. Eventually and through lots of trial and error, the essential conclusion boiled down to reducing the acidity before or after the brewing process. Doing this resulted in a smoother, better tasting cup of coffee, that is easier on the stomach.

This was a great realization, but didn't help me once I got to the office in the morning, or ordered coffee from a local shop, and I was stuck with the bitter, highly acidic, mediocre coffee that I know a lot of us deal with. So; Chroma was born - a mixture of alkaline salts (with no sodium!) that lets me lower the acidity of any cup, not just my home brewed coffee.

Now anyone can buy it, and I'm so happy that it's helping people all over the country enjoy a better cup of coffee.

Let me know what it does for you!

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