No calories, no dangerous chemicals, just chemistry.

Chroma Coffee drops only have two simple ingredients - and uses no crazy chemicals, sweeteners, or other sketchy compounds. Simple and safe Potassium Bicarbonate does the trick.

  • Reduce acidity

    Just two drops reduces acidity over 30%. Our custom formula uses potassium bicarbonate to reduce the acidity of your coffee by increasing the ph level.

  • Improve flavor

    Reducing acidity lets new flavors and notes beome more pronounced - letting you try your favorite coffee again for the first time.

  • Easy on your body

    Many people experience stomach and digestive issues with coffee too rich in acidity - by balancing the pH you can stop the problems before they start.

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What are Coffee Drops?

Chroma Coffee invented Coffee Drops to create a whole new way of experiencing coffee. Just two drops of our solution decreases acidity over 30%.

Good coffee is really just chemistry - and Chroma Coffee Drops help you control the experience of any cup of coffee, anywhere you have it. Use it at home, at work, or at your local coffee shop to balance the pH, reduce acidity, and improve your daily routine.