The Ultimate Summer Refresher: Cold Brew Coffee

The Ultimate Summer Refresher: Cold Brew Coffee - Chroma Coffee

Hello, fellow coffee enthusiasts!

As the heat of summer approaches, it's the perfect time to explore the refreshing and delightful world of cold brew coffee. If you've never tried making cold brew at home, you're in for a treat. Today, we're going to guide you through creating the perfect cold brew coffee, elevated with Chroma Coffee Drops.

What's the twist? We're adding Chroma Coffee Drops, a revolutionary product designed to reduce coffee acidity. This not only makes the coffee easier on your stomach but also allows the true, rich flavor of the coffee to stand out.

Ready for a refreshing and delightful summer brew? Let's get started!

Chroma Cold Brew Coffee Recipe


  • 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee
  • 4 cups of cold water
  • 2 drops of Chroma Coffee Drops
  • Ice for serving
  • Milk or creamer, optional
  • Sweetener, optional


  1.  Combine coffee and water. In a large jar or pitcher, combine the coarsely ground coffee and cold water.

  2.  Add Chroma Coffee Drops. To the mix, add 2 drops of Chroma Coffee Drops and stir well. These drops help reduce the coffee's acidity, bringing out the more subtle, delicious flavors of the coffee.

  3.  Stir and steep. Make sure all the coffee grounds are soaked by giving the mixture a good stir. Cover and let the mixture steep at room temperature for 12-24 hours. The longer you let it steep, the stronger the flavor.

  4.  Strain. After steeping, strain the coffee through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth into another jar or pitcher. You now have your cold brew concentrate.

  5.  Serve. To serve, fill a glass with ice and fill it halfway with the cold brew concentrate. From here, you can adjust to your liking. Add more water, milk, or creamer if you want, or sweeten your cold brew with your sweetener of choice.

With the addition of Chroma Coffee Drops, your homemade cold brew is smoother and more balanced. It's the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day while still enjoying a satisfying, flavorful cup of coffee.

So grab a book, find a shady spot, and enjoy your Chroma Cold Brew Coffee. It's the small pleasures like this that make summer all the more enjoyable!

Stay tuned for more exciting coffee recipes and tips to spice up your at-home coffee routine.

Keep brewing and keep enjoying!

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